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Finding it difficult to prevent other people from using your PC?, well you have come to the right place. Announcing the 4th version of our popular desktop security application "Lockit", it now has many new and exciting features including full Windows NT/2000/XP support, but retaining the same user-interface that people have got used to and love. To visit the Lockit home page please click here.

The latest version also brings an alternative to passwords. If you ever forget your password, you can use a Recovery Disk, which is unique to your computer and can return full access to your PC, so that means you can have password-less re-entry to your system! You can make a Recovery Disk simply by running the "Recovery Disk Creation Tool" and by inserting a blank Floppy Disk into your computer, then all you need to do is keep your disk in a safe place.

But with all these great new features we haven't removed any old ones, you can still leave Desktop Notes that are visible to everyone on your screen and you can still use a secret question and answer to regain control of your system. Lockit can also restart or shutdown your computer if an incorrect password is entered a set number of times, and of course, Lockit will immediately run again once Windows has loaded. This time consuming process should be enough to deter an attacker. So why not try Lockit now!

Lockit makes controlling access to our computers so simple and straight forward, I think it's fair to say I would be lost without it!
Simon Hall - WingServers
Clear, simple and reliable security for my office PC. Highly recommended!
Matt Taylor - TudorNet
Information Security
With information security being one of the most important parts of business today we have revamped File Encrypter to the second-generation, with major security updates and features to make File Encrypter one of the most easy to use and strongest encryption tools around.

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